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Jaruma Drags Anonymously Drags Client, Threatens To Spill Secrets

Popular Nigerian Kayanmta seller, Jaruma has taken to Instagram to drag an unknown person who is her client and has threatened to spill her secret.

Jaruma has decided to thread carefully this time around due to her recent court case with her former client and friends husband, Billionaire, Ned Nwoko.

Jaruma shared anonymously shared posts concerning a certain client of hers and has also threatened to spill some secrets capable of being down the said person, who obviously is celebrity.

In a series of posts on her page, she disclosed that the social media influencer whom she referred to as “Mamalawo” has renewed another contract to have a man by her side she called her husband, adding that she lives a fake life.

According to Jaruma, most of the people “Mamalawo” has flaunted online are rented people in her life who play certain roles in her life.

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