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Forbes confirms that Davido has earned Over N9 Billion in 2023 with over 5 sources

Forbes has predicted that Davido will earn over N9 billion in 2023 through different sources The latest magazine featuring Davido on the front page celebrated his business acumen and achievements Davido has a streaming record of over N2 billion and endorsement deals with different brands globally.

Nigerian music sensation, David Adeleke (Davido), has received high praise from Forbes magazine for his musical talent and business acumen.

According to Forbes, Davido is set to have a fantastic 2023, with earnings exceeding $20 million( N9.21 billion). Davido is one of the biggest musicians in Africa. Photo credit: @davido Source: Instagram Davido is projected to earn over N9 billion in 2023, from revenue streams such as royalties, brand partnerships, merchandise sales, and profitable tour performances. His latest album, Timeless, has received widespread critical acclaim and generated significant digital plays.

Davido background In addition to his music career, Davido comes from a family with notable political and business influence. Adedeji Adeleke, his father, established Pacific Holdings Limited in 1983, which has since expanded into a conglomerate with power plants that generate substantial electricity in West Africa.

Davido’s grandfather was a senator, and his uncle Ademola Adeleke currently serves as the governor of Osun State, a southwestern state in Nigeria.

Wizkid’s Made in Lagos album breaks record as he becomes over N2.1bn richer In another report, Wizkid leads the list of Nigerian artists making substantial financial gains from their creativity and works. Despite the album, Made in Lagos being released over a year ago, music lovers around the world continue to listen.

The album has continued to be among the top streamed on Apple Music, earning Wizkid a whopping N2.11 billion estimated earnings.

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