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Breaking News Kanye West is Missing

Where Is Kanye West? Concerns Grow After Former Business Manager Claims He Been Missing For Weeks

Kanye West may have needed to take a break from the public eye, but not in this way.

The rapper is reportedly m.i.a., and no one seems to know where he went. The historically outspoken celebrity has been missing, with many people beginning to worry about him. His disappearance comes days after ex-wife Kim Kardashian opened up to Angie Martinez about co-parenting with him.

Popular gossip blog The Blast shared that West’s ex-business managers are concerned for him. They confirmed that he has gone missing, and it’s been a few weeks. Thomas St. John is looking for Kanye West because he needs to serve him some court documents for breach of contract. It is unclear if West is just avoiding him or completely off the radar. St. John claims that West had him on a monthly retainer of $300k after he was promoted to CFO of Donda. However, he and West had a fiery exchange that resulted in West storming out and ceasing all payments. St. John is asking for $4.5 million. Strangely enough, The Blast shared an image of Ray J in the headline instead of Kanye.

Theophilus London, one of West’s frequent collaborations, has also gone missing. However, London has been missing since July, according to his family and friends. They just reported his disappearance today, ironically, with New York Post reporting that the 35-year-old’s family is asking the public for any help locating him. His family traveled from Trinidad to Los Angeles this week to search for him.

London and West collaborated on 2014’s “Can’t Stop” and 2015’s “All Day.” London was also heavily involved in the Donda album, and the two worked closely on his 2014 album “Vibes!” which West offered production and creative direction on. When Kanye West and DL Hughley began feuding earlier this year, it was Theophilus London who publicly defended him.

So where could Kanye be? The rapper was reportedly living out of hotels after having to halt renovation his Malibu property due to how much money he was losing following his antisemitic rants. His $ 57 million dream home was supposed to be part house and part sculpture. He and his girlfriend Juliana Nalu were reportedly staying at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. West has been off social media since December 1st.

Kanye West’s last Tweet got him banned from the platform yet again after he shared an image of a swastika. He also accused Chris Paul of sleeping with his ex-wife and compared his anti-semitism to people’s use of the n-word. His only post on IG is a photo of his mother. He has not updated the account since October. West tried to take his audience over to Clubhouse but was banned there, too, on December 10th.

The internet does not seem super concerned about his disappearance, and the rapper has not trended or anything since the discovery was made. “Is Kanye West really missing? Why is nobody talking about that?” asked one person. Another person said, “Disgraced rapper Kanye West has not made any controversial statements in recent weeks, leading followers to believe that the singer has gone missing.”

Many argue that with him being banned from all social media sites, it’s possible he’s not missing and is just out of platforms to communicate on.

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